All about me worksheets

¡Empieza el curso! ¡Vamos a conocernos un poquito mejor!

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3 Responses to All about me worksheets

  1. Silvia

    First of all….CONGRATS for your work in this blog!
    I recently knew about you in a magazine, but such a coincidence! I know a friend of yours… She told me about your events company!you do such nice things!
    All these just to ask you about these worksheets,
    I love this worksheets! Could you tell me how to download them?

    Kind regards!

    • Takethepen

      Hi Silvia! Valencia is so small!
      Just click on the image, then, download the worksheet with the button “guardar como”
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. adriana m

    Excellent, thanks!!

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